- Microsoft office download, install and Activate

Microsoft is a big name when it comes to the world of technology. The tech giant is most notably known for manufacturing the operating system of windows, which is the most widely known OS in the world. Apart from that, Microsoft has already produced several packages over the years and dubbed them into one powerhouse program package known as the office. The is a collection of different software that guarantees efficiency in accomplishing the computing-related tasks. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are some o the notable subdivisions of the office program that helps in creating analysis reports and presentations.

  1. Get Started with Official Website
    You can open a browser then visit the official page of or, here you can get a complete guide to install the package of office program.
  2. Log In to the Account of Microsoft Office
    After navigating to the page of, you will require to log in to the account of Microsoft office. If you do not have an account associated with Microsoft, then you can create one.
  3. Input the Product Key
    After logging in to the account successfully, you will require typing the product key, which is a 25 digit alphanumeric code that comes with the office package. Further this, you can choose the country and your preferred language. This can be done by accessing the drop-down menu.
  4. Downloading the Setup For Installation
    After inputting the product key and other related data, the key you entered will get verified and then you will be directed to the next page of installation. Over here, you can see the various products and related subscriptions. After this, you can click on the button of install that appears next to the information regarding subscription. When done with these steps, the file will start to download.
  5. Run the Setup For Installing Office
    When the file has been downloaded all you would require is to click on it and then run it which can be done by going to downloads directory and double-clicking on the setup file. If you receive prompts you can click ok and continue further. Click on the agree tab, and then installation will commence.
  6. Run Office Apps
    When the installation procedure has finished. You will see a message that says you are all set to go. After this click on the Finish tab and then open software from the office package you just installed. You will see that the software opens on your system upon clicking and the message will appear on your screen that office is installed and has been activated. After this message, you can continue to use the for your tasks.

Downloading the Setup -

You can follow the steps to download the office program setup given below.

  • Proceed with visiting the via the web browser installed on your
    system.  After this, you can select the product you require to install and then finally clicking on the tab of install for installing that product into the system.
  • To make the right decision, you will need to check the compatibility of the version with your operating system. Once completed, you can select the language in which you want
    the user interface to interact with you and finally click on the button of agree.
  • You will see that the download has begun and depending on the speed of your internet connectivity, it can take some time before it gets completed.

Ways to install the Microsoft office program

There are two distinct ways in which you can install the office program. One of them is through a CD, and the other is via the downloaded file of the setup. Installation for both the variants and the methods listed below.

Using a CD

  • Begin with opening the DVD player by pressing on the button of eject and then go ahead and insert the disc that contains the setup of the office program.
  • Once you have inserted the disc after some time, an installation wizard will appear n your screen. Depending on the RAM of your system, this can take a minute or less to show up on the display screen.
  • Now you can click on the option of run that appears on your screen and then go through the license agreement before ticking the box that states I agree to the terms and conditions of the software. This step is necessary for you to continue or move forward with the installation procedure.
  • After this step, you can click on the next tab that will guide you with instructions on the screen. Follow them until you have reached the finish mark. The installation wizard facilitates very simple guidelines for the users to install the package onto their system successfully.

Using the downloaded office setup file

  • To get started, you can navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded setup file. Once located, you can double click on the file, and then a pop-up window for installation will appear on the screen.
  • Go through the licensing terms and agreements and tick the box to proceed further with the installation procedure. Follow the guidelines in the wizard and click on next at every step to move closer to the completion of the office installation onto your system.
  • Once your product has been installed, you will see a message that states office has been successfully installed on your system.

Activating Microsoft office

  • Activating the office program is easy; all you need to do is open the office program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop. After that, you will see a dialogue box that will prompt you for the activation of the product.
  • This is an essential step as it will validate the copy of your product. You will require locating the 25 digit character, which is the product code. If you purchased the product from a retail store, then you can find the code on the backside of your package.
  • You can type in the code in the space box that appears on the screen and then click on the option o next. After that log in to the Microsoft account, and you can create an account in case you do not have one at the moment. Once you have signed in successfully, you can manage your subscriptions for from that page.