Different Versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a fantastic package that facilitates efficient task computing at brisk timing and swift pace. Several companies have used it for years to create beautiful presentations and detailed reports. The software consists of programs such as Word and PowerPoint, to name a few. If you have been searching for different ways of getting free access to office.com/setup, then you have come to the right place.

The Free Trial Version of Office

  • You can get unlimited access to the features; the 30 day period provides you with the maximum features of the office.
  • The cloud storage allows you to save your work; many users appreciate the free trial versions of this software.

Trial Period of Office 365 Proplus 

The 1 TB storage based on the cloud gives plenty of freedom for the users to store an unlimited amount for the month. This software offers advanced features and allows about 25 users to use the admin interface.

Office Online

  • This software allows for several people to work on a single file all at once. There is no requirement for downloading the program. The templates given are free; one can autosave the work.
  • The spellchecker is an automated feature for the word package, calendar, and outlook application. You also get this facility for the calendar.

The Mobile Apps of Microsoft Office 

This allows you to edit and make the documents on the move. There is a provision for the users to get access to the files. These documents can be shared with anyone when required.

Evaluation Center Program TechNet

This program offers the newest features and once can get complete access to the applications of office without any charge. Although there is a waiting time period that users have to face before getting the free trial service.

Using the Facility at School or Institution

One can get unlimited access from time to time upon request after checking for eligibility at school or institution. There is no specific limit for usage of the apps.

The www.office.com/setup is a versatile package that offers professional services to the users, and these were some of the ways through which users can access the package without any charge for some duration of time or longer.

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