In Microsoft, one can easily insert the icons along with the vector graphics, which are scalable into the official documents and emails. You can also do this in presentations and workbooks. When they have been successfully placed, you can rotate and resize them or even color as per your preference without any damage to the image quality or any degradation. These coins are free and can be used by following the instructions below.

Inserting Icons in the Office

  • You can start by opening the office program and then go to the insert tab and choose the option of icons. Further, you can scroll through the available icons, and you can also navigate to a specific category.
  • To do so, you can click on the name in the pane that appears at the left-hand corner. When you have decided on the icon to be used, you can select it and further click the option of the insert that appears at the lower right corner.
  • It is also possible to insert numerous icons by selecting them and then choosing the option of the insert. You can modify these icons by rotating them and resizing them; there is also a provision for coloring them.

How to Insert the Icons While Using Microsoft Office

Inserting the Icons on Visio

  • To insert the icons in Visio, you will require to follow a varying approach; you can do so by going to the menu of shapes, then further choose the basic shapes and then click on the tab of icons.
  • After that, you can choose the categories related to the icons and choose them to insert in the diagrams as per your preference.

Inserting the Files of Scalable Vector Graphics

  • The office apps that include PowerPoint, outlook, excel, and word all support the editing and insertion of the scalable vector graphics files.
  • It is simple to insert them at can do so by dragging and dropping the file from the explorer into the document you are working upon.

It is effortless to insert the SVG files and icons into Microsoft office you can follow the directions given above.

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