The phone app is a news release from Microsoft; it is currently under the testing phase and has been received good enough by the users till now. If you have been wondering how to install the phone app related to, then you are in the right place.

Guidelines To Install Your Phone App Successfully.

  1. You will require downloading the app first in case you haven’t downloaded it yet. Start with opening the app of your phone on your system. After this, choose the tab of getting started to begin the procedure for setting up the app.
  2. After this step chooses the option of link phone, input the phone number further and click on send for receiving a text notification on your mobile device.
  3. Choose the option of close and then wait a couple of seconds to get a message from Microsoft on your mobile. Once you receive the text, you can go ahead by tapping the link you have received in the message from Microsoft.
  4. The message will contain a link that will direct you to the page of the google play store. Once you click on it, the google play store will appear on your device screen. When it does, you can go further by pressing on the button of install for downloading the Microsoft apps.
  5. Proceed with launching the app named Microsoft apps and then choose the option that sates get started. This step will initiate the pairing of your phone device with the app called your phone.
  6. Before you move further, you will require ensuring that you are a member of the program named windows insider. For this, you can choose the option that states I am already an insider. After this, you can tap on the button named sign in and then enter the details related to your Microsoft account
  7. Now tap on the allow button and then enable the app with permission for showing the photos on your system. After this step, choose the option of a return to the home screen. After this, choose to see photos in the Phone app.

Your phone app from Microsoft can be easily installed as the on to your devices.

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