Risky Places on the Season 3 Map of Apex Legends

Significantly larger than the King’s canyon, the world edge map has a lot of dangerous places to land at the beginning of the match. All these places have their advantages and disadvantages. The dome is one of those places that offer low threshold for risks. It is located on edge in the Deep South side of the map. Not many teams are fond of landing here. This is one of the best spots for those who are not interested in the early engagements. This location is highly skewed and is the most apparent reason why very few dares to go here. 

The high-risk locations are plenty the capital city is very much a popular spot on the maps. Teamwork is what people lack in these surroundings. Two things happen commonly here the people either squander around to buildings alone for grabbing loot, or they try for a third party alone. The only way to get out of this city and survive is by sticking altogether. 


Keeping Together Can Get You Out in One Piece

A trainyard is a place where you would hear the sounds that seem like an enemy clan is about to run over you. You will require sticking together. If you focus as a team and loot together and stay close with one another, then you can survive the trainyard. The sorting factory is a massive hub for the loot bins. Needless to say, that you will require sticking together. This is the way you can get out of this in full-stack for the end game.


The other locations have medium risk, this includes skyhook, which is a location full of buildings, the apparent reason why this place is labelled as medium risk is because it is not in the circle often. The low-risk areas are yellow-coloured which s commonly known as no man’s land. Enemies rotate in these places at any site be it lava site or drill or a refinery. 


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