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Microsoft Office | Download Install and Activate |

Microsoft office is a wonderful package that has provided efficiency to countless corporate firms and personal users. The software package is used for creating detailed reports and analysis, not only that one can create amazing presentations. The package consists of many software, excel, word, and PowerPoint, to name a few; have been used regularly by the clients for achieving results related to computing tasks. If you face difficulties associated with, then you can get reliable support and information on the web for troubleshooting those issues. You can also read below how to download and install the package of office and activate it successfully.

Office 2010 and 2013

Office 2010 has been successful in its time and saw substantial subscription increase from the corporate clients to manage their computing work more efficiently. The features of 2010 included enhanced ribbon and a better backstage view. It supported several formats for opening a file. The office 2013 started incorporating the cloud technology. It was much more available on the cloud rather than the conventional storage mediums. The screen got remodelled and had an impressive interface for the users.

Office 2016 and office 365 |

The office 2016 is still pretty widely used package in this list this setup can be seen being used in many corporate offices today. It comes in a mix of variants that caters successfully to the specifications based on the category. The 2016 models include business, professional, student, standard, and home. Office 365 is one of the best releases of the office package to date with loads of services such as hosted services, security, and tools for collaboration. Productivity in office 365 gets a substantial boost.

Ways to download the office setup

  • Users can easily download by visiting the official website.  You can log in to the Microsoft account and then choose the operating system for successfully downloading the correct version that is compatible with your system.
  • Once you have done selecting the operating system, you will require choosing the type of product you want to install on your system. Once the download related to has been initiated, this can take a couple of minutes or less, which
    depends on the speed of your connectivity of the internet.

Installing the

  • It is relatively easy to install the on your system; all you require to do is download the setup from the steps mentioned above. Once you are done with the downloading process, you can navigate to the folder and check for the file you just downloaded.
  • Double click on this setup file, and this will initiate the installation of the on your system. The installation wizard will appear and ask you to run the installer. You can click on it and follow the instructions that appear in the window box of installation.
  • If it asks you for a location for installing, you can browse and choose the location to the C drive and hit the ok button. You will require admin privileges to complete these steps. Click on the next tab for continuing further with the installation

Activate the office |

  • The activation procedure is essential as it will validate the purchase of your product. Once the time period runs out of the trial, you can continue using the product without worrying about the restrictions post the end of the trial period. You can do this by opening the program of by double-clicking on the shortcut icon.
  • Now, once the interface appears, you will see a pop up that prompts you for activation of the product. You can click on the activate tab, which will take you further and ask you to input the 25 digits alphanumeric code.
  • This code is located at the backside of the package you bought; you can trace it and enter the 25 digit code in the boxes given. Once done, you can click on submit. Make sure you enter the correct code to avoid mistakes. After this step, your product is all set for you to use regularly.